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Digital Interventions in Digital Auscultations

“One person dies of a heart attack every 33 seconds in India, reveals a top Cardiologist”

Design Brief

To design a easy - usable product for primary care physicians that helps them analyse heart problems & solve the risk of heart disease at an early stage.

So what is Auscultation?

The action of listening to sounds from the heart, lungs, or other organs, typically with a stethoscope, as a part of medical diagnosis.

Primary Research

For my primary research, I visited a couple of clinics in Kolar and discussed with a few Cardiologists regarding the problems and the possible area of interventions
and a little bit of secondary research from news articles

Studying Existing Products

Target Users

  1. General Care Physicians
  2. Medical Students
  3. People Practising Telemedicine

User Persona

Pooja Patil

General Care Physician

She is 28 years old and works at Malur 

"I’m unable to take a second opinion on my decisions regarding heart murmurs”

User Scenario



1. Expert opinion from a remote specialist or from a local clinical decision support system
2. Acoustic information is also inconsistent across the course of an examination, owing to natural variation and noise.
3. Maintaining Records

Considering a Parallel Product

The SmartWatch is a considerable example and can be analyzed using the Gartner's hype cycle 
Its maturity, adoption, and social application can be tracked using this cycle and I wanted to apply this kind of an interface towards the unused area of auscultation

Parallel Product Integration

Thus upon integrating a Digital Interface on the existing stethoscope 
I was able to provide calculations and analysis for the general care physicians


Final Ideations

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